43 Remote Work Best Practices, Strategies, and Tips for Your Business

I’ve noticed that in many of the companies leading the remote work trend, flexibility was among the top reasons for the company’s success. In fact, FlexJobs surveyed over 8,400 professionals in the fall of 2023 and found that 97% of respondents want to work remotely either full-time https://remotemode.net/ or in a hybrid work arrangement. Additionally, 56% of those surveyed know someone who has quit or is going to quit due to return-to-office mandates. Over the past several years, there has been a massive transition to remote work, changing the landscape of the workplace.

  • Instead of competing with professionals in your area for a local job, you’re competing with the best professionals from all around the world for a remote job.
  • Communicating effectively under these circumstances becomes key, which brings us to the next point.
  • In this article, we explain the importance of a remote job resume, how to write one, and offer tips and templates to help you stand out.

You can also add it to the job title or put it in the ‘Skills’ section. If you have worked remotely a lot, you can even create a new section for it. This Digital Marketing Manager demonstrates his remote work capabilities with examples of his work.

Best Countries With Digital Nomad Visas — 2023 Guide

It encompasses a complete set of factors that make up the experience — from remote work tools and communication policies to building team connections and facilitating wellness programs. Another research study we did shows that 55% of remote employees say they would quit or consider quitting if asked to go back to the office full-time. This is much higher than hybrid employees, of which only 32% would consider quitting. If you’re not sure what skills how to list remote work on resume are relevant to the remote job you’re applying for, search for the job using the tool below and it’ll give you a list of skills required for that position. The tool also gives you the option to add your resume — it’ll perform a quick scan and tell you what skills are missing. Even if you weren’t working remotely, chances are you’ve had to familiarize yourself with digital collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, and Asana.

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Employees who feel included and fairly treated are more likely to stick around and will have an easier time connecting with their coworkers. Luckily, remote work expands an organization’s opportunities to embrace diversity and inclusion because the talent pool is no longer limited to a specific location. No matter where your employees are, managers are tasked with helping them do their jobs successfully. The number one way to effectively manage remote teams is to prioritize effective communication.

How to put remote jobs on your resume

Creating a positive company culture is challenging from a distance. In order to deal with the challenges of remote work, virtual team-building activities including wellness programs as well as creative methods of recreating office banter have become a norm. Fortunately, writing a resume for a remote job doesn’t require any fancy resume writing skills.

remote work experience examples